Retarded Tech is now Infihex!

In mid-november we changed name to Infihex and early December we have migrated most of our stuff over to the new domain. This website will be redirected to our Infihex website from 1st of January. We will still continue to provide the same services and applications/software, our software will be updated when the time comes.
Take a look at our new website:

Web Design

We love web design!

And is committed to developing solutions that fit your needs. It can be designed in itself or services in terms of coding. Every business has unique needs. Not only will the sides meet the target audience, it will also encourage action and contact. We define early on what the goal of the new web solution or new website design.

It may be to provide a more representative view of your business, attract more employees or get more customers. We see web pages as an important part of a company's marketing strategy, which is often the outside world first meeting with the company.

It is important to put the web solution into a whole so that it communicates the same as the rest of the company, be it in graphic expression and design, as well as the message. It is also important that this be customized media and making use of the advantages and opportunities that technology offers.

Responsive design has in many cases replaced the dedicated mobile apps. Responsive design meaning it will scale automatically depending on the device it is displayed. The page will have the same content when viewed on different devices. We can help you create web design that fit all devices.


"Do you have a price list?"
We do not think a fixed price list is a good way to see if you can afford it or not.

"But how can I know if I can afford a website or not?"
Websites ranging from about 2-3000 NOK (~$300 to ~$500) - and up to well over 30,000 NOK ($4975).

"But what does a website really cost?"
Well, take a look at the graphic below, it is not exact, but it gives a rough idea of ​​where you end, it all depends on what solutions you want.

How much does it cost?

Less than ~$830
Up to ~$1660
Up to ~$3320
Up to ~$4975 or more

Small Project

  • Profiling
  • Decor
  • Small websites
  • Promotions
  • Campaigns

Medium Project

A website where you can log in your self and edit the content and images.

Large Project

A bigger website where you can sell stuff with your own custom web design.

XL Project

Bigger web development with special functions that takes a lot of time.

Contact us

Please contact us for more information on how we work. See examples of web solutions we have provided here.

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