Retarded Tech is now Infihex!

In mid-november we changed name to Infihex and early December we have migrated most of our stuff over to the new domain. This website will be redirected to our Infihex website from 1st of January. We will still continue to provide the same services and applications/software, our software will be updated when the time comes.
Take a look at our new website:


We develop for you

We can develop Windows applications with VB.NET and we can develop in PHP (with HTML & CSS) to make web scripts. We do not develop XenForo add-on's unfortunately.

If you need to make a special website for your project we can develop this, but it will take time. We need to make sure you and we are on the same page. We will develop from your ideas into real working projects. If you have any questions at all you can call us, chat with us or send us a email.

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