Retarded Tech is now Infihex!

In mid-november we changed name to Infihex and early December we have migrated most of our stuff over to the new domain. This website will be redirected to our Infihex website from 1st of January. We will still continue to provide the same services and applications/software, our software will be updated when the time comes.
Take a look at our new website:


Who are we and how did we get here?

We are four friends from Norway, Canada and New Zealand that love the world wide web and IT world.

Retareded Tech was founded in January of 2012. But it all started back in 2009 when Daniel had a idea for a software. After that it grew and grew to something Daniel never thought it would become. Now we have created a lot of software, add-on's and websites. And we love it.

A little recent history:

Q2 2013 we started working on small PHP projects as well as some websites.

Q4 2013 we started hosting websites on our own servers.

Q2 2014 we needed to get more servers. We needed redundance on our servers. We grew from four servers to 18 and we do have possibility for even more servers.

Q3 2014 we started working on more PHP related projects.

So in Q4 2014 we hired two more developers, one from New Zealand and one from Canada. We are now a international company. We are looking forward to 2015! :)

Meet our team

Daniel Billing

CEO / Founder & Senior Developer
Oslo, Norway

Andreas Klingenberg

Support Technician
Oslo, Norway

Vebjørn Hallås

Junior Developer
Oslo, Norway

Marc Boisvert-Dupras

Junior Developer
Montreal, Canada